Ginette M. Collazo, Inc. works with organizations to improve productivity by helping them identify and implement innovative strategies that will assure business objectives and results are met and exceeded.


By using a scientific approach a diagnostic of the organization is made in order to identify where it stands at this moment, and which are the factors influencing the actual results:

  • Based on the organization goals, current business objectives are challenged as to the likelihood
    of those objectives, to be predictors of success, should they be met.
  • Gaps are identified based on data, new operational objectives are developed, and strategies
    are delineated.
  • After this, current and new objectives are cascaded throughout the company as part of a
    strategic plan.
  • Key Performances Indicators (KPI’s) are developed, metrics are put in place, and a scorecard
    is designed in order to measure progress and track improvements toward the achievement
    of company goals.
  • Changes are made to the plan, if metrics suggest new possible actions need to take place.
  • Results are met.



Ginette M. Collazo has a PhD. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. Has over 10 years of experience in the Technical Training, Organizational Development and Human Reliability fields in the pharmaceutical industry. She has worked for Wyeth, Schering Plough, Johnson & Johnson, and Bristol Myers Squibb. Has specialized studies in Human Reliability and has authored publications on the topic like “Error Humano: C4c06 Modelo de Determinación de Raíz Causa” a reference book that describes success factors discovered to reduce human errors. Having implemented Human Reliability programs in various industries, she understands what works and what doesn’t when trying to change a culture from an error prone environment to an error free learning organization. Has been a speaker in professional conferences like ASPR Convention, ASQ Conference, Interphex, and the 2009 AIChe Global Conference.

• Dr. Collazo has offered Consultant Services for the following companies:
– Parexel
– Perrigo
– Cephalon Pharma
– Britol Myers Squibb
– Johnson & Johnson
– Janssen
– Warner Chilcott

• Dr. Collazo has taught courses for PII in the following companies:
– PanEnergy
– US Navy
– National Gas Company
– Nitrogen 2000
– Lilly Pharmaceuticals
– Cook Composites and Polymers

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