Strategic Organizational Development & Productivity Improvement

  • Consulting Services:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Metrics/Key Performance Indicators (KPI)/Scorecard Development
    • Organizational Diagnosis, Re‐design, Re-structuring
    • Change Management
    • Talent Management
    • Succession Planning
  • Training Topics:
    • How to achieve Organizational Objectives
    • How to develop effective metrics, key performance indicators (KPI’s), and Scorecards.
    • Modern and Effective Supervision Skills (basic and advanced).
    • Teamwork Dynamics and Collective Behavior to achieve results.
    • Leadership Induction and Development Programs.
    • Management programs for Change, Time, Conflict, Stress and other Performance detailers.
    • Organizational Communication: assuring effective communication in the workplace.

Human Reliability

  • Consulting Services:
    • Human Error Reduction (prediction & prevention).
    • Design and implementation of Human Reliability Programs.
    • Design and Implementation of Human Error Investigations Process.
    • Root Cause‐Failure Analysis for Human Error.
  • Training Topics:
    • Understanding Human Error… From training to human reliability.
    • Certification for Human Error Events Investigators.
    • How to perform a Human Error Investigation?
    • Human Error Reduction Techniques for Operators
    • Human Error Reduction Techniques for Supervisors

Training Program / Regulatory Training / Technical Training

  • Consulting Services:
    • GMP regulated training program and compliance assessments
    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Training Documentation and Record Keeping Processes
    • Curricular Development
    • Competency Based Models Design
    • Task and Job analysis and Criticality Assessments
  • Training Topics:
    • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP Training)
    • Incorporating common sense to comply: when business and compliance are the same thing.
    • Investigation process, Root Causes Determination and CAPA Effectiveness
    • Train the Trainer for the regulated environment
    • How to measure training effectiveness
    • Developing learning measurement tools (tests and assessments


Humans are probably the most complex “equipments” in organizations. By learning how human “components” work, we can modify behavior in order to achieve the expected results. Human Reliability.


  • Certification Program for Human Error Investigators
    • A complete program for effective human error investigations that actually resolve the problem.
  • Understanding Human Error
    • Assure effective CAPA’s and avoid time consuming re-training.
  • The Psychology of Human Error
    • Learn what actually affects human behavior and perceptions.
  • Human Error Reduction Techniques for Operators: Incorporating accountability
    • Learn what you can do when everything else fails.
  • How to Design and Implement a Human Error Investigations Process
    • Just like the equipment and product, humans have complex components.
    • Assure you don’t overlook them because of the investigation process.
  • Supervising an Error Free workplace
    • From scheduling, pre-job briefs to how to provide effective instructions to workers.
  • When training is going to reduce errors?
    • Learn when training works and when it doesn’t and stop wasting time and resources.
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