“I really enjoyed the Human Error Reduction class at Actavis.  I found you to be very engaging and bring a potential boring subject to life.  I learned a great deal in the class and look forward to implementing it here at Actavis.”
– Aaron Davis / Principal Quality Assurance Engineer, ASQ CMQ/OE, CQE, CSQE, CQA, PMP / Actavis Laboratories FL, Inc.


“Congratulations on the excellent training that you gave us all in Actavis this week; I am sure all the tools and material that were provided will greatly help us when conducting our human error investigations.”
– Johanna Acosta / LTS Scientist III / Actavis Laboratories Florida, Inc.


“I had the pleasure to work with Ginette for approximately 4 years at Schering Plough. Ginette structured, organized and led our Training and Organizational Development department. The programs she created at our site were used as a model for the corporation and received extremely high marks from regulators and professionals alike. She is a consummate professional, always in the vanguard looking for new ideas and concepts to expand her already remarkable technical abilities and establish herself as a leader in her field. She is an excellent communicator at all levels. Her prepares and delivers excellent presentations that captures the audience and delivers lasting results. Ginette is one of the very best on her field and a pleasure to work with.” 
– F. Rodriguez / General Manager / Schering-Plough Corporation


“Ginette was a manager that always demonstrated a high level of initiative and leadership within the organization. Her understanding of the technical training area is excellent, hence facilitating her support to her customers. She has good people and supervisory skills.”
– M. Gómez / General Manager / Watson Pharmaceuticals


“Ginette is mature professional who possesses robust knowledge in all aspects associated to Training and Organizational Development. Ginette implemented all Training systems and leadership programs during critical regulatory and compliance times faced at Schering Plough with flawless execution and with perfect adherence to the planned schedule. Regulatory Agencies that inspected our facility always commended the work that Ginette did in these areas. Ginette possesses excellent communication skills written and oral and is fully bilingual. Ginette constantly displayed strong leadership capabilities and was an excellent influence in the cultural transformation needed at the Company. I strongly recommend Ginette to occupy any leadership role at Training, and Organizational Development in any pharmaceutical company.” 
– A. Ortega / Director Global Quality Operations / Schering-Plough 


“I had the opportunity of working with Ginette in McNeil. Her contributions to the business were critical in achieving a systemic and sustainable improvement of our trainings programs. She provided strong scientific evidence and data that enabled us to focus our efforts on critical areas to drive training effectiveness. Her leadership and passion influenced areas beyond just training, she was instrumental on making the link and improvements to our training program that impacted OEE and our high performance working structure and environment.” 
– F. Negron / General Manager McNeil Consumer Products / McNeil Consumer 


“Ginette was very active and made important contribution in the design and implementation of the training standards at her site and for the corporation. She is a well respected leader and a go to person in her field. This is quite evident as her abilities and knowledge were known to me even thought we never worked together at the same site.” 
– J. Adorno / Director, Quality Operations / Schering-Plough 


“It was a pleasure to work together with Ginette. She is not only a smart and broad-minded professional but also an inspiring leader. She is a passionate and hard working team player always ready to put all her energy and stamina to get the job done. Thanks to interpersonal skills, she has great relations with colleagues and peers in the industry. Ginette has become a real expert in the field of ?human error? prevention and I would recommend her as a great asset for any organization in roles related to training and continuous improvement.” 
– F. Santos / Director Supply Chain / Bristol-Myers Squibb 


“Ginette M. Collazo, PhD is a talented, successful, and a very hard-working Industrial & Organizational Psychologist Professional. She possesses formal education and experience on Human Errors and Technical training areas. Ginette has great communication skills and a good attitude working as a team member. She brings energy into any discussion. She is outstanding professional.” 
– J. Matos / Manufacturing Systems and Process Automation Manager / BMS

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